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The Aviator game by Spribe — is a top choice of most Indian players in 2023. Here you’ll find everything that’s needed to start your first session and catch the first win. Buckle up, and let’s explore the game together!

What is Aviator Game?

The Aviator online game — is a world’s known title from the Instant (or Crash) games category. Developed by Spribe in 2019, it still holds the highest position in the players’ choice charts due to its simple and exciting gameplay. The main idea of the Aviator betting game is to place your bet and cash it out with the highest multiplier before the round ends. Here, we’ll discuss the most frequent questions and the most important points you need to know about the gameplay and options featured to make your real money session even more entertaining.

Before you start playing we offer you read main information about Aviator, listed below in the form of a table:

Parameter Value
Developer Spribe OU, Tallinn, Estonia, EU
Year of Launch January 2019
License UKGC, lic. No 57302
Official Site
Available Devices PC, Tablet, Android, iOS
Game type Crash Game
RTP 97%
Demo Yes
Volatility Medium
Similar Games JetX, Lucky Jet

Where to Play Aviator in India?

How to Play Aviator Game Online?

One of the best things about the Aviator casino game is its easy gameplay. It takes only a few minutes and a couple of tries to figure out the game’s main idea. That’s how the round works:
    • The Start — is the first phase when the player sets a bet (or bets) before the plane takes off.
    • The Fligth, which lasts a random amount of time. In this phase, the player should wait for the biggest multiplier and take winnings timely.
    • The End of the round — is when the player cashes out, or the plane flies away.
It’s all about the player’s passion and intuition since the goal is to cash out before the plane flies away. If you want to play Aviator, you should watch this official video:

How to Play the Aviator Game?

Now that we know what it’s all about, let’s figure out the gameplay hints to increase your chances of winning. First, let’s explore the aviator game’s screen and get acquainted with all the indicators you can read for making your decision on cashout.
When the plane takes off, you will first see a changing number on a screen. It’s continually growing from zero to unlimited plus. It’s the aviator game’s multiplier that works as follows:
If you’ve placed, for example, ₹100 bets, and the current multiplier is 1.42x,  it means you can withdraw ₹100 x 1.42 = ₹142. But in a moment, the multiplier grows bigger and becomes 2.5x.  So you can take ₹100 x 2.5 = ₹250 already.  Mahavir Din, editor

It can be challenging to stop in time. Each second of the flight increases the winning amount. But if the player misses a moment, the plane will disappear from the screen, and the round will be considered lost.  

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How does Aviator Bet Work?

A bet in the Aviator game online — is a ‘fuel that makes the round go.’ One should place a bet initially to get their winnings since it’s a required number for the resulting prize calculation.
Here all works like in the slots: the more you bet, the more you can get, even with a small multiplier. E.g., when you bet ₹100, you’ll get ₹150 with 1.5x. But if you bet ₹1000, you can take ₹1500 with the same coefficient.  Mahavir Din, editor

All you need to place the bet is to choose the size from the offered options or manually select your amount. Then, confirm the bet.

How to Bet on Aviator?

As we’ve already mentioned, a bet is required when you are ready to start the Aviator online. However, there are some more peculiarities considering the betting process. First: you can choose a bet from the pre-set options: $1, $2, $5, $10, etc. But if you want to set a custom stake, you can change the nearest to the desired number with the help of the “+” and “-” buttons in the betting field. Second: you can place two bets simultaneously. They can be equal, or one may be bigger than another. Two bets option allows you to implement your strategies to the game and to ensure your money.
The first bet = ₹50; the second bet = ₹50. The total bet = ₹100. The multiplier reached when you’ve cashed out the first bet = 2x. The cashed-out amount = ₹50 x 2 = ₹100. You’ve bet ₹100 in total — you’ve got ₹100 back. Now winnings are on top, but no losses at the same time. Mahavir Din, editor

For example, if you place two bets of 50 and cash out one of them with a 2x multiplier, you return the sum of two bets amount to your balance. In this case, if the second bet loses, you still don’t lose anything.

Cashout and Betting

It’s convenient that the Aviator game doesn’t force one to manage multiple buttons during the game. At the round’s beginning, you should pick a bet in a betting field and confirm your decision by pressing the Bet button. Once the plane takes off and the flight is started, the Bet button turns into Cashout. When you feel you get high enough (you can watch in by the changing number instead the bet amount: it shows your winnings now), just press the button to get your money.

Autoplay and Auto-Cashout

Aviator money game also offers auto-features to make the game process even more convenient:
    • The player can set the autoplay mode with a selected bet amount. With this mode, each new round will run automatically.
    • Also, an auto-cashout option helps to withdraw money from the game once the number reaches the chosen amount.
Auto-cashout can be handy when you play with a certain strategy and use both bets available in the game.

How To Play Aviator Game on Android/iOS?

The mobile Aviator game is the same as when playing from the desktop. All the features and options stay available, and the game field is perfectly adapted for vertical screens. Buttons stay accessible in one touch, so it won’t be a problem to place a bet, increase or reduce it manually, and timely withdraw your winnings to the game’s balance.

How to Make Bets

Aviator casino game is not a standalone online entertainment. To play it, you should first register in any online casino to your liking. We explored the market and found the best websites to play the Aviator game and even get some bonuses for it. So you can freely choose what you like the most and start the journey from there.

1. Register at the Casino

The first thing you need to do to play for real money is undergo the registration procedure. By creating an account, you get the personal ID and storage for your deposit, which you can use for the game. The steps are simple:

The 1st Step

Go to the trust and legal casino website

The 2nd Step

Find the registration button (it can also be called Sign-Up, Join, Register, or Create an Account)

The 3rd Step

Click it, and the registration form will appear

The 4th Step

Fill in the fields and confirm your registration. Now, You Can Play and Win.

Right after that, you’ll get an email with a confirmation link or an SMS with a confirmation number. Use them to activate your account.

2. Log Into the Casino

If you have yet to deposit right away after the registration and left the website, you should log in when you turn back. It would take less than a minute:
    1. Find the Log In/Sign In button and click it.
    1. Fill the form with your access data: username/mail/phone and password.
    1. Confirm your login.
If you’ve realized you forgot your password during the sign-in procedure, you can reset it. However, you better create a new one to remember it clearly, since regular password reset can be a sign of fraudulent activity, so your account can be suspended.

3. Make a Deposit

Depending on what platform you’ve chosen, you can get to the payment section by the Deposit button, Cashier button, Payments section, or via your account. Here you should:
    1. Select a payment method you prefer
    1. Specify the deposit amount
    1. Confirm your transaction.
Some payment methods require additional steps. For example, using crypto payments, you should copy the wallet address, go to your wallet, and transact there. Then, return to the website and finish the transaction. One more thing to keep in mind: most payment systems have a minimum limit to proceed. Make sure your deposit amount fits it.

4. Withdraw

After you play Aviator and win some, it’s a good idea to withdraw your winnings. For it, go to the payments and create a request. Select your preferred method, specify the withdrawal amount, and confirm it. When creating a request, make sure you don’t have any active bonuses that may block the transaction. Also, check the withdrawal limits. And don’t forget the transaction speed depends on your selected method: for example, bank transfers may take over 3 days.  

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Aviator Demo Game

Aviator games are available in two forms: for real money and in a demo mode. We advise you to try the free demo first to learn the game better. You can try it on the platform you signed up for. In most cases, casinos offer free games before you come to a real game. When exploring the Aviator Game, you’ll find interesting numbers that give you a hint about the round. Well, they can’t be used for an accurate prediction but can be the base for your intuitive decisions. For it, take a look at the line with the previous rounds’ results. It may happen that if there are many small multipliers in a line, the next one will be more significant. Or not.

Features of Aviator Game

Since we’ve already described the game’s mechanics, let’s take a closer look at the main features:
In-game Chat Feature — here, you can see the recent winners and their rewards. Also, the chart can be used for in-game tournaments as a leaderboard.
Live Bet — is a button to place a bet for the next round. Use it to join the game and catch the multiplier.
Live Statistics display the recent multiplier and the number of active players participating in the round. You can use this info to check the situation and choose the best betting strategy.
Auto-Cashout — a feature allowing you to cash out your winnings for a bet when the specific multiplier is reached. For example, you chose 2x to cover your second bet. Your first bet reward cashes out automatically as soon as a 2x coefficient appears on a screen.
Random Result — is a feature proving the Aviator game’s fairness. You can always check how the game’s round is formed with Provably Fair technology. It’s a crypto-based solution that confirms the random generation of every outcome by combining server seeds and the first three players’ seeds in a hash.
Rain Promo —  is a random free bet feature that may appear in the in-game chat. You can catch and claim it, to make several free bets during the game.
Enjoy these features when playing the Aviator game online. Some of them may become really profitable! But don’t forget that the Spribe’s game is still a game of chance, and no one can get the guarantee of the winning result.

Tips and Tricks to Play Aviator Game

Many new players are searching for tips and hints on how to play, but most important — how to win the Aviator casino game. It’s fair to say that there’s no 100% winning algorithm. Still, some points are better to consider to avoid disappointment during the game session:

1. Don’t Try to Predict.

You can trust your intuition or stay patient. No matter how tempting the thought that you’ve taken the game under control and figured out its algorithm, it’s a false belief. Each round result is generated randomly, and you can not actually predict the outcome.

2. Try the Demo Mode First If Your New to the Game.

Sure, the game is easy to understand. And it doesn’t require any special skills, But that’s better to try it once or twice in demo mode with no risk to your money to find the best way to play it. For example, playing for free, you can try to use two bets and figure out how to keep your balance safe.

3. Try Strategies

The game is designed in a way where you can try different approaches. For example, you can change the bet sizes for each other round to control your bankroll. Also, you can use the Auto-Cashout option or place two bets to minimize risks. Try all the strategies that come to mind to find which suits your game style the best.

4. Check Your Balance

When playing the Aviator money game using your real fund, please, watch your account. Don’t try to cover all your losses with a ‘single one last bet,’ hoping it would be the lucky one. If you’ve already lost an amount that is considered as your day limit, you better stop for now, with no falling into the gambling rush/

5. Don’t Use Big Multipliers

Chasing big multipliers is not a good idea if you are limited in funds or had a few losses in the previous round. Try to use the two-bet strategy to recover your losses. It’s safer than trying to return all your money at once with a high coefficient.

6. Take Pauses.

Take a rest from the game, no matter how attractive it may be. Even if you’re on your winnings spree, it’s too risky to be overexcited. The only way you really can rule the game is to decide whether to play it now or return later when you control your emotions.

Aviator Game Strategies

Some players use convenient algorithms to make the game safe. Still, you should remember there’s no winning scheme, so any of the strategies listed below would not guarantee you any winning. However, you can consider them to reduce your losses.
    1. Double Bet and Auto-bet Features. You can insure one of your bets with the help of another and set the Auto-Cashout to get your invested money back, protecting you from losses.
    1. Labouchere Betting System. The system was created for playing roulette to help to achieve the desired winning amount. The idea is to write down your winnings and increase your bets accordingly. For example, your last win was 100, so the next bet is also should be 100. Still, this system is too risky for the Aviator game.
    1. Martingale Betting System. This approach is still better for roulette or card games but still applicable. According to it, the player should repeat the last winning bet if they just win, and double the bet, if the previous round ended in a loss.
    1. Paroli Betting System. You can use the progression on small bets to increase your winnings. For example, if your bet wins, you can double in for the next round. If you win again — double it one more time. Step back to the initial winning bet if you have three wins in a row.
    1. D’Alembert Betting System. It is the system allowing you to control your bankroll. According to it, you should decrease your next bet if the round results in your win and increase your bet if it ends up losing.
    1. Fibonacci Betting System. Its idea is to win back previous losses and end with profits. To do so, you should add specific numbers together. Usually, it takes you two last bets you’ve made. For example, if you’ve bet 1, the next bet should be 1 + 1, and the following one is 1 + 2.
You can try if one of the systems fits the Aviator game in demo mode. Still, it’s better not to expect any predictable results and let your luck go with the flow.

Is Aviator Game Legal in India?

The Aviator game is legal in India. You can try it on any casino website you can open in your country. It does not differ from slots and other casino games, and there are no separate restrictions on it. So you can enjoy the flight anytime using desktop casino assess or loading it via smartphone if there’s a stable internet connection.

Conclusion on Aviator Game

The Aviator Casino Game is one of the most exciting choices to try. It attracts with its simplicity and stays catchy due to its unpredictability. Use all the game features to spice up your experience. And last but not least, find a good casino to play at. There you may find multiple bonus offers to spice up your game!