Download Aviator Game for PC, iPhone or Android

Aviator app is a popular game available to adult residents of India and other countries. It is completely different from the standard slots. There is no need to have any special knowledge, like in poker, in order to win. In addition to the computer and laptop, the game can be run on tablets and smartphones. Users choose it for its dynamism. The screen displays a three-dimensional airplane and a graph of its movement. It is enough to stop the flight before the airliner crashes.

Enjoy the Aviator app on PCs, Tablets and Mobile Phones

The game adapts to different devices. The mobile app is supported even on older smartphones. The option is chosen based on the operating system. There are Android and iOS versions. The quality and ease of operation does not depend on the screen diagonal. Some casinos have a client program for personal computers and laptops. They work on Mac or Windows.

Downloaded applications can be used in training mode. For example, you can run a demo version. In this case, there are nominal credits available for betting. If they run out, players can restore the virtual balance. To do this, it is necessary to refresh the page.

Download Aviator Game PC Version

Customers who prefer playing on the big screen appreciate the PC version. It adapts to Mac or Windows operating systems. This should be taken into account when selecting and downloading the application. One of the search options is to write the phrase “Download Aviator game” in the browser bar. Next, you carefully look through the applications from the first page of the output.

In the second step, the results are filtered. It is desirable to choose an option that is well adapted to a particular computer. As a rule, the download instructions are published on the appropriate page.

Try Online Demo

Most professional players have a desire to practice for free before the real bets. In this case, it is necessary to put the cursor on the background image and click on “Demo”. You need to take the following steps:

  • adjust the size of the bet with the plus and minus;
  • launch the game to take off three-dimensional airplane;
  • watch the growth of the multiplier;
  • stop the game before the fall of the round.

It is possible to test the automatic mode. Before launching, you can watch real-time statistics, as well as view videos. Other recommendations are available in the “How to Play” section.

Install the Aviator App Mobile Version on your Phone: Android or iOS

If you have an Android phone, the first step is to change the settings. The “Security” and “Privacy” tabs are opened, and the download from unknown sources is allowed. To install the mobile casino app, you should follow a number of steps.

  1. Open the page with instructions.
  2. Click on the installation link.
  3. Wait until the end of the download.
  4. Extract the apk file.
  5. Display the icon on the screen.

When you go to the Google Play store, you need to find the game using the search box. There is no need to pay for it. After that, you do the same steps as in the previous case.

There is a separate instruction for owners of iOS phones. The tab with mobile applications opens on the casino’s website. You have to follow several steps then.

  1. Click on the image of an apple, which is associated with the name of the device.
  2. Click on “Share” in the dialog box at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select “Home Screen” in the dialog box.
  4. Click the word “Add” on the right.

After that, the corresponding icon is automatically added to the home screen. Similar actions are done when using the App Store. During the downloading process, you need to enter your account password.

Distinction Between Mobile and PC Versions of Aviator Game

There are some differences between the versions of the game Aviator, which are designed for different devices. The latter include a computer and a smartphone.


The difference is in the display on the small and large screen. The latter uses laconic buttons on the control panel; there are almost no secondary elements. It is better to give the device a horizontal position, so that it is easier to observe the flight of the plane.

The computer shows tabs with statistics. You can open the functions at any time if necessary. The name of the functions is not hidden.

Battery Usage

Battery consumption is one of the important points. It is characteristic only for a laptop and a phone (the permanent computer is permanently connected to the network). When using smartphones, you need more processing power. The battery drains faster.

Ads – Internet Connection

When playing games on a computer, you can connect to a high speed Internet connection. This guarantees stable operation. Failures are rare. Your phone is connected to the mobile Internet. The application loads quickly, even if its speed remains low. In the second case, the small display shows less advertising, which is added by the developer of the program. This is how the latter monetizes its site.

How to Use the Aviator App

Using the Aviator app is almost the same as playing in a browser. At the first stage, customers decide on the appropriate mode (free or paid). When choosing the second option, it is necessary to register in the casino and make a deposit. Everything interesting happens after loading the game. Users will get acquainted with the information:

  • a three-dimensional airplane is displayed on the left;
  • it takes off after pressing the appropriate button;
  • players have to watch the airliner;
  • the coefficient growth is done in parallel;
  • it is necessary to stop the flight while it continues.

The longer you wait, the higher the probability of losing. It is better to interrupt the game immediately after takeoff. In this case you can get at least a small winnings. There are a number of financial strategies designed to minimize risk. With their help, professionals monitor the bankroll. There is an internal chat and live statistics, it is possible to bet in real time. If desired, users order automatic payout.

The Interface of the Aviator Game Apps

The interface in the Aviator game remains the same regardless of the device on which it is run. If it is on a cell phone, the screen can be put in a horizontal position. This is done so that users can have a real experience even when testing demos. Once loaded, you can view the traditionally black background. It shows a bright pink liner.

You can open a tab with the statistics of other participants. The app displays the information on a separate page. The logins, avatars or photos of the players, the bet amounts, the multipliers dropped out, and the results of the draws are available.

There is a button to open the live chat. It is designed to communicate with other users. You can ask them any questions that relate to the game. For example, you can discuss the effectiveness of strategies.

At the bottom of the screen you will find a simplified menu bar. There are two main keys – “Bet” and “Auto”. The first is used when selecting manual control. In this case, the bet size is adjusted by pressing plus or minus. The second one is for the activation of the automatic game. Appropriate settings are selected at once. This is the size of the bet and multiplier, the conditions of the completion of the flight.

Account Registration and Deposit in Aviator Game

After choosing a suitable casino, it is necessary to register on its website. Sometimes, you can create an account through social networks. In this case, just log into the messenger and click on the appropriate icon. Most often, you fill out a user profile. It is necessary to specify reliable data, because otherwise, the winnings can’t be withdrawn.

It is recommended to pass identity verification at once. At the second stage, make a deposit by one of the methods provided in the casino. The minimum bet in the game is 10 cents (or the equivalent in Indian rupees). Some rooms accept cryptocurrency.


The Aviator game can be run on your smartphone. Before launching, you have to install a mobile application. It is downloaded either from the casino website or from the store for free. With a normal Internet speed it will take a few minutes to download. After activating the application, you can play in demo mode. It is better to go to the real bets as soon as you get acquainted with the interface and all the nuances.