How to Win in the Aviator Game

The popularity of the game Aviator is growing steadily. It is now available to adult residents of India. Users are interested in the strategies that help to reduce the risk. A program that was developed to collect the results was used for the analysis.

What is the Best Aviator Strategy?

Users choose the best strategy in Aviator at their own discretion (based on personal preferences). It should be taken into account that the control in this multiplayer game is done with the help of a computer. Its work is interconnected with the random number generator. It is recommended to pay attention to the appearance of one of three situations.

  1. The chances of winning are approaching when almost all players have wins.
  2. After cashing out, does the multiplier continue to grow abnormally? This situation can occur when a mistake is made. If the latter is detected, the winnings are annulled, so it is worth ending the game immediately.
  3. If two of the players decide to watch the situation instead of cashing out, it is just their wish. It’s not a fact that those who join the game afterwards will earn anything.

The multiplier depends only on the behavior of the people who launch the multiplayer game.



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Automated Betting in Aviator Game

It is profitable for players to make automatic bets so as not to stop the flight manually.

Auto Bet in Aviator Game

To go into automatic mode, you need to click on the “Auto” button, which is located on the control panel to the right of the “Bet”. The sum is established, which is deducted from the balance. The coefficient is fixed, at which the round is stopped. In contrast to stopping the flight by yourself, an instant result is provided.


Auto cash-out in Aviator Game

Automatic withdrawal of funds is one of the bonus options of the game, which is chosen at your own discretion. In this case, it is not necessary to withdraw winnings by yourself. It is enough to specify the deal amount at which the transaction takes place. The money is automatically deducted from the user’s balance. There is no need to confirm anything

Aviator Strategy for One Bet

Most strategies in the Aviator game cover situations where each of the players makes a single bet. These tactics are usually called financial tactics. It is impossible to guarantee a 100% success. The advantage is the ability to manage your money correctly.


Minimum Risk Tactics for Playing Aviator game

When choosing a tactic with minimal risk, a small coefficient is set, when the flight is stopped. It is desirable to do this in automatic mode. Otherwise, the user may not have time to press the button. It is worth choosing x1.01. The probability of winning is 95.4%.

Moderate Risk Tactics for Playing Aviator game

If the risk is moderate, you can choose a different scheme:

  • up to х1,15 — 7,9%;
  • up to х1,25 — 5,6%;
  • up to 1,35 — 4,6%.

In this case, it is not desirable to stop the game on your own. It is more convenient to directly move to the automatic mode.

Risky Tactics for Quick Money in the Aviator game

One of the most risky schemes is to specify a multiplier of x10. The probability of such a result is extremely low. According to statistics, x100 falls only once in 1.5 hours. Is it worth taking such a risk? Each player makes his own decision.

Aviator Strategy for Two Simultaneous Bets

There is a tactic where two bets are placed simultaneously. The goal is to cover the loss, if one of the decisions is unsuccessful. In the first case, the result is counted at the minimum odds. In the second one, the result is calculated with the higher odds.

Aviator Game RTP and Volatility

The Aviator game provides low volatility. This shows high chances of successful completion of the round. Users most often get small payouts. It is more rare that the round ends with the maximum odds of x100. The RTP (theoretical return) is 97%. This figure confirms the high probability of winning.

Other Tips in Aviator Game

There are other tips for minimizing the risks in Aviator.

Auto-withdraw or Manual Withdraw

It is possible to withdraw funds in two ways – automatically or manually. In the first case, you don’t need to send a request personally. It is enough to specify the amount when it will be generated and sent to the processing center by itself. Until then, the money is accumulated on the user’s balance.

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Play Volatile and Cash Out as Soon as Possible

When launching a game, you should not forget about the low volatility. Frequent cases are when the plane stops immediately after the start of the flight. It is recommended to stop the game quickly and withdraw your earnings.

Applying the Martingale to Aviator game

Sometimes casino customers use the Martingale system where after each loss the bet is doubled. With the first win it is possible to cover the costs and earn good money. It is important to check the maximum limits before using such tactics. In addition, it is more profitable to stop at odds of x1.5.

What makes Aviator Casino Game so special?

The Aviator casino game becomes exceptional because of its simplicity. Unlike poker, you do not have to have special skill here. It is only important to learn the interface and understand the principle of the game. Like slot games, it can be suitable for beginners. The results of the flight are only affected by the random number generator.

Observe Live Bets and Live Statistics

It is possible to play in real time, fighting with live dealers. The only peculiarity is the absence of the free version. Such an offer is suitable for experienced users. In order to make the right decisions, it is recommended to use statistical data. The results of each round are saved:

  • the bet amount;
  • the size of the multiplier;
  • the result of the flight.


The experts recommend players to take their time. It is better to choose tactics with minimal risk. It is not necessary to chase fast money, because if you fail, you can lose everything. Players are allowed to follow the real action in real time as well. There is an opportunity to order automatic withdrawal of funds.