Probably Fair at Aviator Game

The online gaming industry is one of the fastest growing and most interesting for developers and gamblers. By 2023, the issue of safety and honesty of online slots and instant games will come to the fore. Users want to be sure that they are really playing for luck, and online casinos or providers cannot influence the results of rounds and spins.

Tools for monitoring the integrity of online games

  • Provably Fair technology is a set of computer programs that ensure the fairness of the draw and allow you to trace exactly how certain combinations were formed in a round or odds fell out;
  • certificates of independent laboratories, for example, Ecogra – certificates are received by online entertainment that has passed independent testing of all programs involved in the functionality of the game, including the random number generator;
  • the fixed and published RTP level is an indicator that, in percentage terms, shows how many bets he can win. In 2023, the minimum RTP level is 96%. Most providers aim to develop games with an RTP of 97-98%.

One of the most striking examples of the implementation of Provably Fair and other honesty control tools is Spribe’s game Aviator. The philosophy of Aviator Spribe is to allow players to have fun and be confident in the fairness and transparency of the game and shape them themselves.

How does Aviator Provably Fair work?

Provably Fair technology in Aviator and other slots works on the basis of a special algorithm that encrypts data (SHA-256). A similar algorithm works in the Bitcoin blockchain network, which testifies to its reliability.

The algorithm works in such a way that the casino or third parties (including the players themselves) cannot influence the course of the game or predict or change its results.

If we simplify the process of the program as much as possible, then the scheme can be represented as follows:

  1. When starting the game (before the user’s bet) on the provider’s online platform, a unique code is generated, which is the starting point of the game. The code is stored in memory.
  2. After the user’s bet, additional values ​​​​are added to this code, which in the program receives a special cryptographic display. These values ​​are also saved.
  3. Any possible bet is already provided in the algorithm and has its own cryptographic code, which, upon your bet, supplements the starting code.
  4. After the end of the round, each code of your bet can be compared with the original code, and make sure that the values ​​were predetermined and no one interfered with the game.

Want even easier? Any result of the round is already embedded in the algorithm/process of the game, it is fixed and provided by the developers. And Provably Fair allows you to verify this with the help of codes that you can view. The developer will offer you the initial code and the game result code. If they match, it means that the random number generator worked honestly.

To influence the result of the draw, you need to make changes to the code. And if they are entered, then this will be clearly visible when comparing the codes. Therefore, their coincidence means predetermined values, despite their potentially large number.

Providers care about the security and transparency of the game. Spribe places a separate Provably Fair button in the interface. It can be found in the Game History menu. By clicking on the button, you will see:

  • start code;
  • code that is generated after your bet;
  • code that sets the result of the game.

Their coincidence clearly and accurately demonstrates the fairness of all rounds in Aviator Spribe and other slot machines of the provider.

Aviator Spribe licenses and certificates

In addition to Provably Fair technology, Spribe uses other ways to prove that the Aviator game can be trusted.

First, Aviator has an accurate RTP of 97%. This means that 98% of all bets in the game will be returned to the player in case of winning, and only 3% of all bets of the gambler will go to the online casino.

Secondly, the Spribe provider has many reputable licenses that confirm the professionalism of its developers and the quality of Aviator instant play.

UK Gambling CommissionRemote Operating license № 000-057302-R-333085-001
Malta Gaming AuthorityB2B – Critical gaming supply & gaming service license № RN/189/2020
Gibraltar Gaming CommissionFull approval on game supply

In addition to these licenses, Spribe has RNG & Game certificates from Italy, Croatia, Romania, Italy, Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland, Ontario, and other jurisdictions. This means that the gambling commissions of these countries have conducted comprehensive testing of services and programs that ensure the operation of Aviator and confirmed their reliability, safety, and honesty.

On our site, we offer gamblers only the official Aviator, which is hosted on partner sites. This way, you can be sure you are playing the official game and avoid possible fakes.

Remember to check the reliability of the platform where Aviator is hosted before playing for real money. We guarantee that our partners are licensed online casinos that comply with the law and publish only genuine Aviator Spribe.